VIOLA, gaff cutter, designed and built in Scotland by William Fife, 1908 : Over the past 10 years, partial restoration, improvements and maintenance, preparation for and participation in regattas. Replacement of bottom planks, mast step and a series of frame floors, overall caulking, reconstruction of the aft covering board. Design of a bronze gaff saddle.

OWL, English gaff ketch, Frederic Sheperd, 1909 : Mast fittings restored, teak deck planks replaced, installation of hydraulic drive for the windlass.

ZWERVER, Dutch sloop, Sparksman & Stephens, 1956 : Preparation for transatlantic ocean races, impro- vements on deck equipment, installations and fittings.

ÉOLE, 6mJI, William Fife, 1936 : Replacement of ballast keel bolts, floors and chain plate frames. Repairs on splines between the planks, restoration of the mast and fittings, complete refurbishment of interior and exterior varnish, finish painting of the hull.

MERRY DANCER, Bermudian cutter, William Fife, 1938 : In collaboration with the Guip shipyard, reconstruction of cabin roof, cockpit and teak deck to restore it to conformity with the original design. Replacement of frame joints. Replacement of teak deck planks. Removal of a non-original wheel steering system and restoration of the tiller steering according to the original plan. Design and pattern making for the new bronze tiller and associated metal parts.

MARGUERITE, Marconi rigged sloop, François Sergent, 1958 : Removal of ballast keel and floors. Replacement of mast step and degraded floors, all steel connections and bolts replaced with stainless steel.

PETITE LANDE, aluminium replica of an American schooner, Alden design : Design and manufacture of an hydraulic wheel steering system to replace the original tiller. Construction of a wooden hatch to cover the hydraulic mechanism.

FREEDOM’S WAND, Russian steel ketch, 2001, fitted and equipped in Holland : Long term stopover for repairs, maintenance, adjustments and finishing. Replacement of mainmast, standing rigging and bow thrusters.

Design and construction of a stainless removable structure for sun sail and aluminium davits for dinghy. Upholstery and interior arrangements works. General modifications as to obtain CE certification.

PAOL, Dragon Bonnin, 1965 : Complete restoration of the bilge, replacement of all floors, frame feet, mast step and 6 first planks from the keel.

WI-KI, ketch built in Kiel in 1921, H. Wustrau : Concurrently to the restoration done by Daniel Despierre shipyard at La Rochelle, deck and teak planks design, defining and mounting all deck fittings, design of foundry patterns for casting of mast bronze fittings. Design of a new mizzen mast. Calculation and replacement of all the standing and running rigging.

LADY TRIX, Scottish gaff sloop, Alfred Mylne, 1909 : Restoration to its present exceptional state based on the original plans, starting out from a wrecked hull. Replacement of all floor timber, of 24 steam bent frames, replacement of a section of the sternpost and the counter, a new rudder, mast step and full bulkheads, restoration of the original mast and fittings, new running rigging.

Restoration in progress :

– Selma 1926 :

Additionally, due to the presence of the Maritime Museum in La Rochelle, preferential mooring rates are offered to classic yachts which also benefit from a basin in the docks which is specifically dedicated to them. This has created a dynamic and friendly site for exchanges of know-how and the development of related expertise amongst the owners of the 20 or so yachts calling in either short or long term. The Yacht Club Classique Atlantique, also La Rochelle based, organises a series of regattas that regularly attract 30 or so appropriately rated yachts for races either locally or through associate clubs along the Atlantic coast.